Volume 14 Number 1              January/February 2004

Taiwan - Between Heaven And Earth: Liu Kuo-sung - Ian Findlay Brown

Thailand - Tracing Changes: Niti Wattuya - Steven Pettifor

China - A Mixed Bag: First Beijing Biennale - Zhang Zhaohui

Hong Kong - The Negative Horizon: Leung Chi-Wo - Jonathan Thomson

China - History from Wood: Half a Century of Chinese Woodblock Prints: From the Communist Revolution to The Open Door Policy and Beyond, 1945-1998 Exhibition - Michelle Lim

The United States - A Week of Surprises: Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) - Priya Malhutra

Vietnam - Less Is More: Nguyen Manh Hung - Bradford Edwards

Singapore – Planning for the Future: Larasati Glerum auction results - Ian Findlay

Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam



Volume 14 Number 2              March/April 2004

Thailand - In Search of Global Identities: A recent exhibition in Chiang Mai - Steven Pettifor

Korea - A World Of Color And Space:  Kim Bong-tae - Ian Findlay

The Philippines - From the Familiar To The Abstract: Four Philippines women artists - Alice G. Guillermo

Hong Kong - The Ordinary And the Extraordinary: Hong Kong Art Biennial  - Jonathan Thomson

Bangladesh - Imagining Ballads: Abdus Shakoor Shah - Osman Jamal

Vietnam - The Energy of Sadness Dinh Quan - Ian Findlay

Singapore - In Search of the New: The 4th Contemporary Asian Art Fair

Reviews - China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam

Book Reviews - Understanding Contemporary Southeast Asian Art by Marjorie Chu; Aminul Islam: Drawing and Art Writing 1950-2000, edited by Osman Jamal; My Painted Dreams by Mahvash Mossaed



Volume 14 Number 3              May/June 2004

China - History s Public Face: Zhang Xiaogang - Jonathan Thomson

Thailand - Polished Darkness: Yuree Kensaku - Steven Pettifor

Australia - Ways of Seeing Australia: Contemporary Australian printmaking - Carmel Wallace

The Philippines - An Art of Optical Wizardry: Ramon Diaz - Alice G. Guillermo

China - Tensions of the Erotic: Yang Shu - Ursula Panhans-Buhler

Indonesia - Pencil, Pen, Ink: Indonesian drawing exhibition - M. Agus Burhan

Singapore/Indonesia - From Strength to Strength: The Larasati-Glerum Singapore auction results: April 2004

Reviews - China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States

Book Reviews - Kalighat Painting: Images from a Changing World by Jyotindra Jain; The making of Modern Indian Art: The Progressives by Yashodhara Dalmia; Contemporary Art in Baroda edited by Gulamohammed Sheikh with contributions by Gulamohammed Sheikh, Nilima Sheikh, Ajay Sinha, and Ashish Rajadhyaksha



Volume 14 Number 4    July/August 2004

The United States - Wholeness in a Fragmented World: Emily Cheng - Priya Malhutra

The Philippines - On the Crest of History: Jose Tence Ruiz and Antipas Delotavo - Alice G. Guillermo

Hong Kong - Themes And Variations: Twenty Year Anniversary of Hanart T.Z. Gallery exhibition - Jonathan Thomson

The United States - Towards Complexity: Kong Ho - Glen R. Brown

The Philippines - An Iconography of Political Art: Charlie Co - Alice G. Guillermo

Malaysia - A River’s Story: Chang Fee Ming - Steven Pettifor

Indonesia - In the Mood: The Larasati-Glerum Jakarta auction results: June 2004

Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States



Volume 14 Number 5   September/October 2004

The Philippines - Poetry of the Moment: Pacita Abad - Ian Findlay

The Philippines - Passing Through: Lino Severino - Alice G. Guillermo

France/ Hong Kong - Culture Cut-Outs: Pascal Lievre - Jonathan Thomson

The United States - Beyond Place: Lois Conner - Priya Malhutra

New Zealand - Conscious Engagement With Nature: Wayne Seyb - Cassandra Fusco

China - A Look at Youth Culture: Xiong Lijun - Zhang Zhaohui

Singapore - A Singular View: Gim Ng s Contemporary Chinese Art Collection- Ian Findlay

Australia/ Thailand - Between Tradition And Modernity: Phaptawan Suwannakudt - Steven Pettifor

Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Book Reviews - New Zealand Painting: A Concise History by Michael Dunn, Auckland University Press, Auckland, 2003, 224 pp., &  Flavours: Thai Contemporary Art by Steven Pettifor, Thavibu Gallery Ltd., Bangkok, 2003



Volume 14 Number 6 November/December  2004

France - A Voyage out of the Night: Nguyen Cam - Ian Findlay

The United States/India - Painter of All Times: Anil Revri - Caitlin McLaughlin

Bangladesh - The Dynamic Witness: Maruf Ahmed - Osman Jamal

The United States/Vietnam - Living In Limbo: Tiffany Chung - Steven Pettifor

The United Sates/Japan - A Man Of Spirited Exploration: Nobu Fukui - Priya Malhotra

The Philippines - In Praise Of The Sacred: Mark Lewis Higgins - Ian Findlay

Australia - The Art Of Travel: Stephen Eastaugh - Jonathan Thomson

Israel - Israeli Journeys: Life Journeys - 100 Years of Israeli Art show - Jonathan Thomson

Singapore - Bringing In New Faces - Larasati October Auction in Singapore

Reviews  - Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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